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PhD students: Apply now for thesis on poultry red mites


The general objective of the thesis is to explore the determinants of the interactions among mites living in the environment of poultry in farm buildings in order to develop innovative and sustainable practices of biological control against...

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Apply now for a Short Term Scientific Mission


Are you interested in the poultry red mite? Find out now and apply for a Short Term Scientific Mission. These missions vary from five days to maximum three months and must be connected to the COST Action FA1404

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Open Call for Application - Short Term Scientific Mission


Apply now for the Call for Action and be part of COREMI

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Core Group 2 Meeting


Agenda/Announcement (217.4 KB)


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1st COST Conference and Management Committee Meeting: Poultry Red Mite: a continuing threat to the poultry industry


Researchers from 20 countries met to discuss Dermanyssus gallinae in May 2015

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