Working groups

The overall objective of COREMI is to consolidate existing expertise and knowledge to gain a better understanding of poultry red mites and the economic and societal impacts of this pest, using this information to implement more efficient and sustainable control methods. This COST Action will lead to better efficacy of control measures and user-led best practices. This will be achieved through four working groups; three dedicated to integrating scientific and technical knowledge from various disciplines while the 4th will ensure that end-user stakeholders (farmers, veterinarians, medical practitioners and industry) are involved in, and derive maximum benefit from, such a multidisciplinary Action.

The scientific programme of COREMI concentrates on different but interrelated areas relating to multiple aspects of poultry red mites. Four working groups align with the scientific programme; in addition, there are several inter-working-group links.

Each working group will meet to discuss recent developments and work towards relevant objectives best suited to their main area of interest and expertise, but with inter-working-group links/meetings ensuring optimal concerted progress to best achieve the overall Action aims.