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Join the One Health Training School in Greece


In this Training School, it is intended to bring the study of D. gallinae to a multidisciplinary audience under the One Health approach. The students will be trained through multifaceted and realistic problems provided by the... read more

Apply now for a Short Term Scientific Mission


Are you interested in the poultry red mite? Find out now and apply for a Short Term Scientific Mission. These missions vary from five days to maximum three months and must be connected to the COST Action FA1404 read more

Open Call for Application - Short Term Scientific Mission


Apply now for the Call for Action and be part of COREMI read more

Core Group 2 Meeting


Agenda/Announcement Gallery read more

1st COST Conference and Management Committee Meeting: Poultry Red Mite: a continuing threat to the poultry industry


Researchers from 20 countries met to discuss Dermanyssus gallinae in May 2015 read more